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Club Regulations

The present Club Regulations (hereinafter: ”Regulations”) specifies the rules of using the service provided by Club Puella (hereinafter: "PUELLA Club” ), owns by Katarzyna Leśniak i Sylwia Kromka within the framework of the civil law partnership under the business name TWINS Katarzyna Leśniak Sylwia Kromka s.c. with its registered office in Warsaw, in Kabacki Dukt 7/1 Street, entered in the Central Registration and Information on Business (CEIDG) under the NIP: 951 212 19 58, National Business Registry Number (REGON):15829126 (hereinafter : „Twins s.c.”)

 § 1 General Provisions

1. Any person over 18 years of age that has filled in an Application form for the Club Card may become a Puella Club Client.
2. Any person under 18 years of age may become a Puella Club Client by their parents’ or legal guardian's consent.
3. Using provided service is based on an agreement concluded between the Client and TWINS s.c.
4. Filling in the Application for the Club Card and purchasing the Season Ticket is tantamount to concluding an agreement between the Client and TWINS s.c. for provided sports and recreational services inside the PUELLA Club.
5. The agreement on provision of sports and recreational services is concluded by purchasing every next Season Ticket and is valid for 28 days from the day of Card’s activation by using service provided by PUELLA Club. The his agreement may be terminated only due to the important reason. The agreement termination notice shall be made by a written statement or via the e-mail.
6. The Clients are obligated to follow provisions of the regulations. In the case of any violation of the provisions of an agreement, TWINS s.c. may demand leaving the Club area from the Client or terminate an agreement with immediate effect or refuse to conclude first or a subsequent agreement providing sports and recreational services.
7. In case of termination of the agreement according to paragraph 5 and 6 aforementioned, the payment for the not used classes shall be returned to the Client (in case of Season Ticket) or for the period since the notice of termination till the expiry date of the Club Card (in case of the Open Card).
8. The agreement between the Client using the service provided by PUELLA Club within the performance of an agreement is concluded between TWINS s.c. and the outside partner separately, every time using the PUELLA CLUB.
9. The Club Card is valid only along with an identity document. Clients are not entitled to granting access to their Club Cards to third parties.
10. Fee for issuing of the Club Card is charged only once and cannot be returned.
11. According to the act about the personal data security, the Client agrees to including personal data in the Puella Club database. The Club assures that data will not be distributed to third parties and use information data only to the extent allowed by the provisions of the will be used solely for the purpose of Act on Personal Data Protection and informs about the possibility of viewing and correcting personal data by the Client.
12. The Client declares that her mental health allows her for the use of equipment in the Puella Club as well as for participation in classes organized in the Club. In case of any contraindications toward physical exertion, the Client is obliged to inform the Club personnel about the aforementioned.

§ 2 Class Participation

1. Puella Club Clients receive a Club Card designed for registering entries to the Club and departures from the Club.
2. Paid Club Card entitles the Client to class participation and the usage of sauna. The Club Card is to be deposited at the reception desk and collected after the class has ended. The Club Card does not entitles to participate in classes outside the already paid services in the season ticket.
3. Only Clients above 15 years of age are allowed to use the complete range of services of Puella Club.
4. Clients under age of 15 have the right to participate in all Club's classes accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian. 
5. If the Client, possessing the Season Ticket, participates in more than class, a receptionist of Puella Club will draw an appropriate number of entries from the season ticket.
6. The Client is obligated to inform a receptionist of Puella Club which classes she will be participating in. It is the information required for booking a class. The Club reception should be notified about any changes in class participation in advance.
7. Keeping in mind order of classes and safety of our Clients, a Puella Club employee reserves the right to not let a Client to the class if they are late, even if they had made reservation for the aforementioned class.
8. Puella Club Card allows entering the changing room 15 minutes before the class starts at most.
9. Classes in training halls and gym end 10 minutes prior to Club closing.
10. Sauna closes at 21:30 from Monday to Friday and at 15:30 on Saturday and Sunday.

§ 3 Using Puella Club Services

PUELLA Club Client is obligated to:

  • refrain from activities that could disturb other Clients in using PUELLA Club services or could result in damaging equipment or accommodation of the Club
  • respect and keep general cleanliness
  • abide by the instructions concerning the usage of rooms in the Club as well as equipment present in them
  • use a towel during exercises involving equipment in the PUELLA Club
  • put away equipment to designated spot after the class has ended
  • not consume alcohol or smoke tobacco within the premises of PUELLA Club
  • wear clean sports shoes for change, different from the one the Client has arrived in at PUELLA Club, when inside the training halls and gym
  • not lead small children to the gym or training halls with the exception of classes specifically intended for children
  • leave the Club rooms till 22:00 at the latest (Monday – Friday) and till 16:00 (Saturday, Sunday). Single hour shifts of Club opening hours are an exception to this rule.

§ 4 Organizational Matters

1. PUELLA Club provides lockers and keys to them.
2. PUELLA Club Clients are obligated to deposit things they have carried with them to the Club in the provided, locked lockers.
3. The Club management would like to kindly ask all Clients not to bring valuable things with them.
4. In case of misplacing a key to the locker the Client is obligated to inform a receptionist about the situation. Should the key not be found, the Client is obligated to pay 50 zł as an equivalent to lock change.
5. In case of misplacing a Club Card the Client is obligated to inform a receptionist about it. Then, the Club will once again charge the Client with the fee of 10 zł for issuing a new Club Card.
6. PUELLA Club reserves the right to cancel classes. The information about class cancellation will be available at the reception desk.
7. The Club reserves the right to change the class timetable as well as the instructors' work plan. Information about the changes will be available at the reception desk.

§ 5 Class Booking Principles

1. All Clients with Season Tickets have the right to book classes in the Club.
2. Classes marked as "double entry" require double booking.
3. Client is entitled to cancel earlier reservation 2 hours prior to the beginning of the class at the latest.
4. In case of not cancelling the reservation and being absent on booked class PUELLA Club reception will draw a adequate number of entries.
5. Regulations of booking and cancelling classes for external cards users are available at the external cards distributor or at the reception desk at the Club.

§ 6 Payment Principles

1. All club cards are valid for the calendar month from the day of payment but not later than 31st May 2019.
2. Apart from regular Club service and classes, Twins s.c. may offer seasonal promotions. Promotions cannot be combined with each other.

§ 7 Final Provisions

1. The Clinet may be making a complaint concerning the service provided by TWINS s.c. It may be done personally at the PUELLA Club reception desk or sending and e-mail at the e-mail address : puella@puella.com.pl. In the application the Client should state her first name, surname, contact details (telephone number, email address), Club Cards number and explain briefly what situation has occurred. TWINS s.c. reserves the right to consider the complaint within 14 days, making sure that processing a complain may take as short as possible.
2. The Club Regulation is available at PUELLA CLUB and on the website at: www.puella.com.pl.
3. TWINS s.c. reserves the right to change this regulation. The changed regulation will be available in PUELLA CLUB and at the website www.puella.com.pl.. The Client will be informed about all changes.
4. Invoices and bills are made out only on the base of presented receipt.