Small and cozy but also luxurious, innovative, comfortable and safe. We decided to use the equipment from a well-known and trusted brand: Technogym. Their equipment is used in fitness clubs, wellnes & spa resorts all over the world, also in our Puella Fitness Club. The gym is divided into two zones: one with cardio workout equipment and the other one with strength training eqipment. Each of the zones was designed to make an individual, tailored to your needs training possible. To ensure your safety a trainer is present at the gym from Monday to Saturday. The trainer can help you adjust the exercise programme to your needs and they will tell you how to lose weight in a safe way, how to shape your body and how to be more fit.

Cardio workout zone: The equipment used in this zone is the EXCITE line equpiment. It helps you burn fat and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Each item (treadmills, stationary bicycles, elliptical trainer, multi-functional WAVE trainer and stepper) is equipped with a wireless heart rate measuring system. If you exceed the heart rate level you set for yourself, the machines will react immediately, changing the pace or the load in order to adjust it to your heart rate. It is especially important for the aerobic workout that aims at burning the fat tissue or for people who have certain cardiac limitations. The built in mechanisms help evaluate the organism's physical capacity and thanks to that make it possible to adjust the exercise programme to your needs.

Strength workout zone: Strength workout equipment is part of an exclusive PERSONAL SELECTION line. All items were carefully picked in order to make an efficient workout possible. They help you strengthen all body muscles, shape the body and prepare it to the more challenging group workouts.