'Puella' in Latin means 'a woman'. Our club is not only our job, it's our passion and a part of our lives. We are trying to create a one-of-a-kind place where every woman could feel at home. It's not easy to write about one's own club so we will let you read what others have written about us. And it would be even better if you visited us yourself to see the club with your own eyes.

'Twój Styl' magazine:

When we go to the gym we want to feel comfortable. We want to feel free to exercise in tight suits, forget about our hair, the lack of makeup or being a little out of shape. And, let's be honest, we don't always want to look at men who show off their muscular bodies. This is a place where you can get back in shape surrounded by women like you. At Puella Fitness Club in Warsaw you can attend aerobics or dance classes as well as classes that concentrate on relaxing, like yoga or pilates. The club also offers exercises for pregnant women and new mums. What is so special about those classes is the fact that you can come there with your babies and exercise with them.

'Body Life' magazine:

In Poland there are a few dozens of women-only fitness clubs. It seemed that coming up with an original idea would be a difficult task but there is a certain club that managed to achieve that goal. Puella Fintess Club in Warsaw, with its graceful name, offers yet another, a very interesting fitness programme for this specific target group. The tastefully designed club has the surface of 400 square meters: two group fitness rooms, gym, locker room, sauna and solarium. Warm pastel colours and not exceedingly modern but energetic inferior design encourage women to come inside and work out. There are a lot of classes to choose from: from traditional workouts, like Fat Burning, TBC, ABS, to barbell or exercise balls, yoga and dance classes. Elderly people particularly enjoy rehabilitation gymnastics class conducted by a qualified physical therapist. Fitness class for women of all ages is also highly popular, as well as classes for pregnant women and for mums and their babies.