gym instructors
  • Jacek Kaczorek

    Jacek Kaczorek

    He graduated from the University of Physical Education specialized in physical and health education. He is a certified instructor of weightlifting and bodybuilding, gymnastics and he is also a Water Volunteer Rescue Service lifeguard. Jacek is a certified 1st degree masseur, an 'Active 9 Months' programme instructor and a helmsman. He is interested in bodybuilding, swimming, windsurfing, skiing, snowboarding, tourism, photography and computers. He has 15 years of experience in working at the gym. At home he is a dad of two girls: Zuzia and Zosia. Jacek is also a personal trainer. Dates and hours of personal training sessions are set with each client individually.

  • Maciej Teodorczuk

    Maciej Teodorczuk

    He grauated from the Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management specializing in Organization and Management in Sports and Recreation. He has always been very good at sports and he has a lot of experience in strength and endurance training, such as martial arts and cross-fit. He has finished many extra courses, for example bodybuilding instructor or functional training instructor course. Maciej is an experienced gym instructor and has a vast knowledge on dieting and the use of food supplements. In his free time he likes to be active, play football or squash, but he also spends a lot of time with his family and friends. Since Maciej is a very organized person, he likes to have his workout classes carefully planned and he likes to achieve the goals he sets for himself step by step.

  • Karol Wiśniewski

    Karol Wiśniewski

    He graduated from Higher School of Physical Culture and Tourism in physical education. He is a bodybuilding instructor in the Polish Bodybuilding, Fitness and Powerlifting Association. He specializes in correctional-compensational gymnastics. He is a Water Volunteer Rescue Service lifeguard and a yacht sailor. Over the years he's gained a lot of experience in doing gym workouts and shaping the body. Karol also has an in-depth knowledge of nutrition and supplementation. He is a certified 'Active 9 Months' programme instructor. His hobbies are tourism, mountain climbing, skiing and windsurfing. He used to practice swimming and kyokushin karate, too. Karol is also a personal trainer. Dates and hours of personal training sessions with him are set with each client individually.

classes instructors
  • Agnieszka Lachowska (Agnes)

    Agnieszka Lachowska (Agnes)

    Agnieszka is a qualified sport and kinesthetic recreation instructor and a member of a team of Polish Fitness Academy. Her adventure with sport began at the age of 6. Multi-medalist in Junior Taekwondo Championships. Apart from sport, she is really keen on dance. Trainings with Agnieszka not only are focused on technique concerning development and strengthen muscles, but also creative choreographies. Agnieszka is still striving for perfection, so she participates in many international conferences and fitness trainings. Also, she takes part in dance workshops and festivals, which help her to gain new knowledge from the world’s best specialists.

  • Iza Janusz (JoYzi)

    Iza Janusz (JoYzi)

    She graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics in the Coaching programme. She has always been fascinated by dance, and is particularly interested in Reggaeton, Dancehall, Salsa and Bachata. Iza is a qualified Zumba Fitness instructor and a member of ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network). By participating in numerous conventions and dance workshops, she keeps improving her skills. She loves working with people, she is always smiling and full of energy. Iza puts a lot of effort in making her classes fun and the results are amazing: 100% fun while working out!

  • Iga Cenajek

    Iga Cenajek

    She graduated from Warsaw University of Life Science- SGGW , faculty of Food Technology and Human Nutrition. She completed the 1st degree course in Nutrition and Slimming. A sport instructor specialized in Pilates. She really loves direct contact with people and a smile of her classes’ participants gives Iga a great satisfaction. Iga is interested in different types of movement: starting from ballet , and currently favorite yoga, to strength exercises. During classes she pays a great attention to exercise’s technique and body’s control. Privately she's a great fan of dogs and books. Also, Iga enjoys spending her free doing experiments in her kitchen.

  • Karol Czerwiński

    Karol Czerwiński

    He graduated from Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw, the faculty of Physical Education. Karol practiced diving for 15 years. He won the Polish Championships multiple times, he came in fifth at the European Championships and second at the Euro Cup. He has been a fitness physical recreation instructor since 2009. He loves choreography-related classes and all kinds of strengthening classes. He is also a swimming, snowboard and windsurfing instructor. If you want to get tired, come to Karol's class. His energy and fondness of sports is very contagious!

  • Tatiana Grzelak

    Tatiana Grzelak

    She is an experienced trainer: she has taught karate Shotokan to both children and adults. Not only has she won Ukrainian karate Shotokan championship many times but she has also won numerous medals in international championships. She is a qualified and experienced fitness instructor and personal trainer. Her favourite classes are the strengthening ones and those that have elements of martial arts, for example taebo. In her private life, Tatiana is a mum of Maja and Olaf, and she is incredibly optimistic. She likes challenges and never gives up so this kind of attitude is also what she wants to show during her classes. You don't think you can do it? Come to Tatiana's class! :)

  • Mateusz Hajda

    Mateusz Hajda

    He is a physical education student who has been into sports since he was a child. He loves sports and fitness but that's not all! He is also a bodybuilding, swimming and skiing instructor. He has participated in many fitness workshops and he is constantly trying to improve his skills. Fitness has become his lifestyle, it helps him stay fit, energetic, full of optimism and positive attitude towards life. He loves people and people seem to love his energy. What gives him motivation to be active is having a lot of fun, training, and also the happiness and sense of achievement of our clients. As an instructor he pays attention to the proper technique of doing exercises and he makes sure all participants do them correctly. This is why his classes are exceptionally effective and quite intensive.

  • Dorota Izdebska

    Dorota Izdebska

    She graduated from Warsaw University and Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. She holds a diploma of a sport and kinesthetic recreation instructor of Polish Sport Academy. She is both a trainer and a examiner during fitness courses for future instructors (Polish Fitness Academy, Go Work, Occupational Activation Centre). Moreover, she is a workshop instructor, fitness instructor and an aerial dance instructor. She participated in TV show Polish Got Talent. She has been dancing since she was a little girl and has appeared on the stages of Sabat Theater, IMKA Theater, Cabriola and Capitol Club. She has been training fitness since 2010. Dorota has trained and taught over 400 fitness instructors and she believes, it is one of her the greatest professional success. Dorota is an estate agent by profession. On a daily basis she is a very energetic and committed to work person. In her opinion high expectations of herself and classes’ participants are the best driver to achieve a dream goal.

  • Angelika Jeżewska

    Angelika Jeżewska

    She graduated from Warsaw University of Life Sciences in environmental improvement. She has been a fitness instructor since 2005 and from 2010 to 2015 she worked as a presenter and trainer for Reebok University Poland. She's a co-founder and a trainer in Fitness Univeristy. She has finished a lot of fitness courses all over Poland and she regularly participates in conventions and workshops in order to improve her skills. She is very experienced in working not only with those who have high expectations but also with those who are not very willing to exercise because her patience and her smile can motivate anybody to exercise rergularly. This is why she gets on well with all the participants who come to her classes, she shares her positive outlook on life and her passion with everybody.

  • Marzena Kiefer

    Marzena Kiefer

    She graduated from Marketing and Management Studies at the Warsaw School of Economics, She is a certificate yoga teacher (RYT 200 Certificate - accredited by International Organization Yoga Alliance). Her adventure with yoga started with Iyengara yoga 17 years ago. In 2014 Marzena discovered Vinyasa yoga- a combination of movement and breathing. Marzena strongly believes that yoga in not only a physical exercise but also the style of living and the best cure for current every day’s worries. A participant of workshops which were run by experienced teachers. She is interested in hormonal yoga and mindfulness and its influence on everyday life.

  • Maja Korzeniowska-Wrońska

    Maja Korzeniowska-Wrońska

    She has always loved sports and dancing. She is a dance teacher, a trainer and a choreographer. She was a dancer of the professional dance group called Volt and she worked as a senior instructor in Egurrola Dance Sudio for 15 years. Maja is a professional Freestyle judge for the Polish Professional Dance Association, she is a certified sport dance instructor, a fitness instructor, Zumba (also Zumba Toning) instructor and Gravity® method instructor. She was also the leader of 'Luzik', the master children dance team, and a youth team called 'V4'.

  • Klaudia Krupa

    Klaudia Krupa

    She graduated Public Health at Medical University in Warsaw. She is an instructor for physical recreation specialized in fitness who gains her knowledge and ideas from numerous conventions and trainings. Passionate person about fitness for many years, whose favorite classes are activities helping to strength and improve body’s condition. Klaudia does her best to conduct diverse and effective classes. As an instructor, she has learnt, how to keep positive distance to herself and others. She believes that restrictions in our life are made by ourselves so all beginnings in doing sports are always difficult. In private, she loves traveling, good food and the cinema.

  • Małgosia Niemczyk

    Małgosia Niemczyk

    She graduated from the University of Physical Education in 2nd cycle degree studies, the specialization of physiotherapy. Małgosia has finished many yoga, tai-chi and pilates courses and she is very experienced in doing rehabilitation classes in sport clubs as well as kinesiotherapy in hospitals. She specializes in various forms of gymnastics for women, especially those who are forever young. She is passionate about sports such as skiing, sailing and kayaking. She loves travelling and hiking. In her private life she keenly promotes healthy and active lifestyle.

  • Magdalena Nocuń

    Magdalena Nocuń

    She holds a degree both in physiotherapy and physical education of Physical Academy in Katowice and Warsaw. She is an instructor of movement recreation and specialized in fitness, a sport instructor of bodybuilding, basketball and board sailing. She has worked in this area of fitness activity for 10 years. She has completed a numerous courses in fitness, including, in the aspect of functional evaluation in FMS, functional training, proprioceptive and after isomeric muscles reaction, pilates Methods, E. Frankli's Methods, anatomy trains, myofascial release tapping technique, manual terapy FDM. During her classes Magdalena concentrates on teaching correct/safe movement which is one of foundation stone of physical condition and health.

  • Tatiana Potapova

    Tatiana Potapova

    She graduated from the Ballet School and Contemporary Dance at Humanities University. After finishing her dance career she focused her life on healthy life style and conducting classes. Graduate of Healthy Spine Academy Pro Fit School. She holds many certificates in graduating in body and mind courses. Instructor of Pilates classes (Mat I, Mat II), Stretching, Pilates Body Ball, Small Ball, Bands and Rollers. She has been doing yoga actively for 12 years and thanks to it Tatiana has learnt to listen to human’s body needs. Now she is doing her best to give this knowledge to participants during her classes which Tatiana runs with love and energy.

  • Gabrysia Runowiecka

    Gabrysia Runowiecka

    She graduated Medical University of Warsaw and holds a degree in Physiotherapy. Currently, she is a student at University of Physical Education in Warsaw (Master Studies). Sport is her the greatest passion. Her adventure with fitness started in our Club, where as a teenager, she attended the group classes. She holds the diploma of fitness instructor by Polish Sport Academy. On the one hand, she loves conducting very intensive classes which get all participant and herself really tired, but on the other hand she is very keen on Pilates. Gabrysia, as a physiotherapist, conducts willingly rehabilitative classes. She pays a great attention to correctness and accuracy in exercises which are done so that they are effective and safe. Gabrysia is always smiling and full of energy because working with people gives her a great pleasure. In her spare time she goes running and loves climbing in the mountains.

  • Dorota Saganowska

    Dorota Saganowska

    She graduated from Medical University of Warsaw, doing her master's degree in physical therapy. She has completed specialized courses, such as Kinesiology Taping of 2nd degree and PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation). She tries to include some elements of those methods in her workout programmes. She has gained her experience both by working in Warsaw clinics and hospitals and by playing volleyball in the 2nd women's league with Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw. When it comes to her personality, she is 'optimistically crazy'. She loves sports and she introduces some elements of her beloved volleyball into her classes. Currently on maternity leave.

  • Kasia Seferyńska

    Kasia Seferyńska

    She graduated Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. Fitness instructor of international organization IFAA, sport instructor specialized in volleyball. She has participated in many fitness training and workshops. She has been fascinated in volleyball since childhood and she used to be both volleyball competitor and trainer. Kasia is a great supporter of healthy life style. During her classes she pays a great attention to participant’s technique variety of exercises and positive atmosphere. Kasia spends her free time surround by nature, far away from hectic city life. She loves cycling and hiking in the mountains.

  • Kasia Sempolska

    Kasia Sempolska

    She is a Doctor of Physical Culture Sciences, a certified sensory integration therapist, the author of 'Active 9 Months' and 'Active Mum Club' programmes, a physical recreation instructor, Sports For Everybody animator and a university lecturer. She has invented workout programmes for women who want to stay fit during their pregnancy and after giving birth. Kasia tried out those programmes herself when she was pregnant. She also participated in an active way in her own classes after giving birth. Her job is also her passion but apart from that she is also interested in forms of physical activity that belong to the Body & Mind style. Such forms include for example yoga, pilates or Body Ball.

  • Asia Stępkowska

    Asia Stępkowska

    She is a sports instructor who specializes in fitness. She has participated in many conventions and workshops such as Profi Fitness, Reebok University or Cicrus Fitness Convention. Her favourite classes are Step, Fat Burning and Stretching. She specializes in strengthening and balance exercises. She is full of positive energy and passion, she loves working with people, loves life, music, cinema and meeting up with friends. Her optimistic attitude and drive for working out gives other people strength and encourages them to work harder.

  • Magdalena Szast

    Magdalena Szast

    She graduated from University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Psychodietetics. She's been a physical recreation instructor since 1997. She is passionate about body and mind fitness. Having worked in different corporations for 20 years, she decided to re-evaluate and revolutionise her life. She became fascinated by yoga, the oldest body and mind gymnastics techinque. During her classes she pays attention to the correct spine position and to muscles that stabilise the body posture. She is a masseur certified by the Ministry of National Education and Sport. She has participated in many body and mind workshops and conventions, such as OM Pilates School Mat I, Mat II, Pilates Small Ball, Bends and Rollers, Body Ball, Stretching, Healthy Back in accordance with SSA programme. As a chubby teenager she had to fight to be in shape and to have a better self-esteem. She discovered that the best way to building up self-esteem and to accepting herself was exercising. Step by step, physical activities have become one of her passions. She loves running and pilates. Her passion and her job are her lifestyle now. In her private life she is a mum of two girls, she loves dogs and wild adventures.

  • Joanna Zawadzka

    Joanna Zawadzka

    She graduated from Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw and holds a Master Degree in physical education. She is a volleyball, swimming, fitness and pilates intructor and moreover holds a massage therapist diploma. Joanna has participated in plenty of instruction in fitness, healthy organised by both Polish and foreigner teachers. Although the technique, how exercise is done, is crucial for Joanna there is always a lot of positive energy and fun during her classes. She a big fun of living passionately and lives her live by her own rules.