Puella prices


Full pass cards

  before 4 p.m. during the opening hours
Open* 69 zł 99 zł
Open Gym* - 69 zł


Limited entry cards

2 entries** 40 zł
4 entries** 80 zł
8 entries** 160 zł



Single entry 20 zł
Member card fee 10 zł
Solarium 1,5 zł/1 min


All club cards are valid for the calendar month from the day of payment but not later than 31st May 2019. Sauna is accessible for free for all card owners.

* Open Card includes gym training and/or participation in classes that take place in the club, as long as there is room at the gym. The Client is obliged to declare their participation in a class at the reception prior to the beginning of the class. 

** Limited entry card includes a gym workout or a single class. The booking a class is available.